It was in 2020 that Kanika wrote and self-published her first book A Lockdown Story-her personal experience of lockdown during which she overcame her fears to become a strong and positive individual.

She soon followed it up with her next book titled Gift Yourself a Smile. A book on the importance of remaining happy and positive in the most adverse circumstances.

Kanika's next book is titled Are Teeny Tiny Stress Triggers Troubling You? A book that raises awareness to common stress triggers and how to deal with them.

After this book, Kanika wrote a book on women's empowerment titled The Atypical Tale of a Typical Indian Woman.

Kanika's next book is about the ill-effects of excessive use of social media. It is titled Social Media Tomfoolery.

Her 6th book is titled You are the Hero of Your Life. This book focuses on self-empowerment techniques for a better life.

Kanika is also the winner of several awards and accolades for her achievements in the field of content creation.


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Kanika Saxena

Kanika Saxena

Kanika is the Founder & CEO of the content writing start-up The Writing Right. She is an award-winning author of 6 published books in the self-help genre,