Become the Hero of Your Life!

What is our concept of a Hero?

We have seen heroes in movies or TV shows. We admire their courage and love to watch them win over villains or other negative characters in the show. Very often we get so absorbed in the make-believe world of movies that we believe that our heroes have superpowers and stand for justice and can save the world.

When we think of heroes, whether real-life or reel-life, we associate them with some extraordinary powers or doing something extraordinary or having a lot of wealth, etc.

Little do we realize that hidden in each one of us is a Hero waiting to be discovered and to make a difference in this world! Many believe that a lot of wealth is required to do something significant.

But you will be surprised to know that you do not need extraordinary powers or enormous wealth to do something good in this world! You only need the mindset to Give which you can develop on your own!

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Kanika Saxena

Kanika Saxena

Kanika is the Founder & CEO of the content writing start-up The Writing Right. She is an award-winning author of 6 published books in the self-help genre,