Become the Hero of Your Life!

Kanika Saxena
4 min readDec 30, 2021

What is our concept of a Hero?

We have seen heroes in movies or TV shows. We admire their courage and love to watch them win over villains or other negative characters in the show. Very often we get so absorbed in the make-believe world of movies that we believe that our heroes have superpowers and stand for justice and can save the world.

When we think of heroes, whether real-life or reel-life, we associate them with some extraordinary powers or doing something extraordinary or having a lot of wealth, etc.

Little do we realize that hidden in each one of us is a Hero waiting to be discovered and to make a difference in this world! Many believe that a lot of wealth is required to do something significant.

But you will be surprised to know that you do not need extraordinary powers or enormous wealth to do something good in this world! You only need the mindset to Give which you can develop on your own!

How does one develop a mindset of Giving?

It all begins with self-care and self-management. When you learn to manage your needs and have your faculties in control of yourself, you become a strong individual, a Hero, who can make a difference!

This is how it works, When you take care charge of your life, you are no longer dependent on others to fulfill your needs. I am not referring to only material needs, it is your physical and emotional needs.

For instance, when you can take care of your health, you do not need someone else to take care of your health for you. If you do not depend on others for your happiness and can be happy on your own, you are in control. If you do not feel like a victim of circumstances but can rise to challenges, you are in control. If you do not feel stressed about every trivial issue in your life, you have learned to manage your life!

All this can be achieved when you shift your focus to yourself, are alert to your needs, and know how to take care of them.

Unfortunately, we are so absorbed in our pursuit of higher goals that we miss out on the essence of life. We have become oblivious to the little things around us that give us joy. We set our eyes on specific goals and believe that accomplishing them will fulfill us! These goals provide us pleasure which is fleeting happiness. And, these do not fulfill us. We look towards material possessions or wealth with the hope that they will fulfill us and maybe help us get the feeling of abundance. But they do not! We feel a void irrespective of our accomplishments or possessions.

You become fulfilled from within only when you have taken care of yourself. When you feel fulfilled from within, it becomes easier for you to give comfort, support, happiness, and love to others. You will be able to share these with the people around you. Your family, your community, and others around you!

When you do so, you have made a difference in this world!

We believe that it is underprivileged who need our support and help. No doubt they need our help, but people all around us need our support and help. If we just give our time and a patient ear to people around us, we can make a huge difference. The figures on the rising cases of mental health issues are mind-boggling. People need the support and kindness of others so that they do not get depressed or anxious. It is the real-life heroes who can provide this support!

When you learn to take care of others around you, you will be naturally inclined towards goals like taking care of the planet or those who are suffering due to lack.

When you have taken care of your needs and feel contended, your thinking will shift from lack to abundance and you will feel like Giving back from deep within!

You can be a real-life Hero too by taking the first step-self-management! There are simple ways in which you can take care of yourself and unleash the Hero within!

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Take charge of your life and become a Hero!

Become the real-life Hero who can make a difference in this world and Save the World!

The world needs Heroes like You!

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