How to Deal with Your Fears?

In our journey of life, we have created several fears that impede our growth and success. We harbor fears that cause stress and restrict us from achieving our goals.

Let us look at some common fears that we create:

Fear of God

Have you heard the phrase, “God-fearing?”

I am sure you must have!

What does it imply?

Simply put it means fearing God each time you want to do something. To some, it means following all the rituals prescribed by one’s religion to ensure that God is happy. Such people fear God in case they miss out on something. They feel that God will be upset by this and punish them.

The truth is that the God we follow irrespective of the religion is someone who cares for us and forgives us for our mistakes. We can keep Him happy not by following all the rituals but by being good, compassionate human beings who care for others. This includes caring for fellow human beings, other creatures, and our planet.

Some people are so fearful that each time they want to do something, they are worried about whether God will like it or not. In this case, I would say each one of us has a conscience that guides us in whatever we do. Whenever we want to do something, our conscience gives us a signal of whether we should be doing that thing or not. All we need to do is listen to our conscience and we will not err. How this works is, whenever you want to do something different, you will get an uncomfortable feeling that if that action is not right for you. However, this feeling should not be confused with the excitement or nervousness one experiences when stepping out of one’s comfort zone. Unfortunately, we live in so much chaos that our inner voice is lost somewhere and we are unaware of its existence.

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Kanika Saxena

Kanika Saxena

Kanika is the Founder & CEO of the content writing start-up The Writing Right. She is an award-winning author of 6 published books in the self-help genre,