Why Self-help is Relevant in Today’s World?

Self-help is the new buzzword. Whether it is social media channels books or articles, self-help is one of the most discussed topics. We have thought leaders and others sharing videos on what self-help is all about. The self-help industry is booming. In the US it is expected to become a $14 billion sector by 2025. (Source: MarketResearch)

Something that caught my attention is that most discussions and articles on self-help topics emphasize how one should become more productive and succeed in life. And, success is estimated as their net worth or the money they make. We have umpteen videos with motivational talks urging people to work hard and focus on themselves, pursue their goals, etc. to succeed.

When people try to follow what the media preaches about self-help, they tire themselves out and end up frustrated. And many avoid the topic of self-help because they consider it too complex or a waste of time. I have also come across cases where people who tried to implement all the self-help instructions became anxious and had to take treatment for it.




Kanika is the Founder & CEO of the content writing start-up The Writing Right. She is an award-winning author of 6 published books in the self-help genre,

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